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I felt the need to bump this thread, because my post here is ringing true again today. This message should not be taken lightly. To be honest, every time I think about DJing, it makes me want to work on music, because the genre’s we are promoting, (Christian EDM), there is NOT enough of it.

AMEN brother. Great original post, and thanks for this comment as well. I feel I’ve been blessed of the LORD through this post of yours.

I’ve been quiet on the boards for a while, but in the mean time I’ve continued to practice some early keyboard fundamentals (chords, scales, etc.), and I’ve been blessed to come into ownership of the new Traktor kontrol unit- all in one, soundcard, tables, mixer, sample bank, software…

I feel like I’m on the brink. Like I could turn the corner at any moment. I’ve been practicing on the Traktor unit a lot. I hope to juggle and scratch gospel spoken word, sermons and preaching, over beats and tracks. Outside of the more hip-hop/turntablism sound, I hope to mix trance, house, etc. with live effects, loops and gospel message. I’m in the early stages, but I’m practicing hard and the LORD is blessing me.

Eventually I hope to get Live or some other pro-level DAW and take up producing, and live looping to supplement the Traktor stuff. I’d love to be able to do a bang-out live show, and exalt Jesus Christ in it.

Your post really rang in my heart ecliptik. Thank you. It’s moments like this the Lord allows me to really appreciate his blessings…. and to remember that I need to focus, and redouble my efforts.

Thanks man, God bless.