Re: Tiesto Remix

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@Alejandro Cesar wrote:

Really, Rank 1 is making the music Tiesto puts out? wow, well then if that is true, the music should be better then, the last track i heard produced by tiesto, was really bad, he use to have good music but this last relase its not good at all.

well its like this… rank 1 makes the tracks and then tiesto buys them off rank 1. that way you wont have to put the names of rank 1 as ‘producer’… since tiesto has all the rights to the tracks. its a poor game.. the guy can dj but cant produce.. theres more of this. some dutch hardcore producers are producing trance for several quite big names aswell.. i mean… cmon.. a hardcore producer making trance because the good dj’s have to release tracks but cant produce? who are they kidding :)