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ok sorry but the guy has not a point at all,

First of all we need to understand two very important points here,

Number 1, the word TRANCE is normally associated with meditation, magic or altered states of consciousness basically it is something hypnotic,

So, if we are getting in trance with some sort of magic, esoteric power or in trance with buda, then!!!!! We are going against the what The Lord says and wiil be evil.


Here is point number 2, trance music has nothing of hypnotic!!!!!!!!, it has strong kick Drums, fast and dynamic bass lines, epic and up lifting melodies, and it could have wonderful vocals.

I have years listening trance music and the only effect I been having from it, is that I want to produce Worship Trance hahaah, Imagine those majestic melodies with some vocals giving Gory to GOD, and singing about His great Power, imagine people dancing for the Joy of Having The King of Kings on our side, Hallelujah !!!!!!

The music it self could not cause any altered state of consciousness, but it could cause a huge and positive impact if we use it to deliver a biblical message.

Any way, I insist, music a creation of GOD, and we are going to use trance music to Praise and Worship our savior, so lets dance for His Glory.

By the way Trance could be associated with prayer too.