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These days we should be asking ourselves what the CGI guys CAN’T do. Incredible movie and also very interesting from a Christian perspective. Check out these blurred similarities I saw through the basic plot of the movie:

Programmer ‘Kevin Flynn’ is a creater (God). Creates a digital universe and then creates TRON and CLU (maybe angels) to help rule/administrate the universe.
CLU (satan) rebels when he turns against a lesser but more favoured creation, the Iso’s (man).
Flynn’s son Sam (Jesus) arrives and this “changes the game”.
Flynn kept one iso, a ‘remnant’ so to speak, and Sam is going to bring her back to the real world.
Flynn hopes to cure humanity’s imperfections through the iso.

These are just a few vague similarities I’ve brought forward. Feel free to criticise.

One scene that jumped out was when that ‘Zeus’ character, in his fit of madness, shouts “here is your son of the user!”. It made my blood curdle a bit.