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I use to be into cars… but after the time and money that i put into them only to have them get beaten to pieces from racing them, pot holes, the over all crap roads in Houston… or in the case of my Audi.. the engine blowing (7k repair that i couldn’t afford) the taste just went bad in my mouth. When the Audi blew i ended up having to take anything I could get… After 6 months of looking i found a 2007 F-150 STX. BLAH! Never was a truck person, but its been a good vehicle to me.. minus the $635 a month payment. I had to roll into the cost my $9,500 of negative equity!

Here are my rides form the past. Ill put them in order i had them.

That goes waaaaaay back… like 97-99.

This was my pride and joy! Had it from 99-06.

Thats the traitor right there… engine blew only a year after getting it… i REALLY loved that car! 06-07