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@Digital Aura wrote:

That said, I do believe you’ll have an easier time of getting permission, because you are not needing a ‘mechanical license’ which means that you aren’t asking to use the actual ‘original’ recordings of Crowder or Redman. I tried to get mechanical licenses from 8 different Christian artists recently and I never even got a reply back from anyone. Not even one. Not even a ‘no way!’. :(

Digital Aura is that why you offered all your remixes as a free download?? Because you couldn’t get permission from any of the Christian artists?

Hmmmm so who did write Undignified Matt Redman or David Crowder?

I e-mailed them both asking for permission. Hopefully one will tell me.

Alright well in the meantime I guess I will take that song off my CD.

Thanks guys.

p.s. what is the best way to go about contacting an artist for permission to use a song like that?