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So happy it’s spring finally! I have some plans to move forward this summer in my spiritual life/personal. They go hand in hand I know but you know what I mean. Thank you to all who lifted me up in prayer after my fathers death. They have really had an effect :) There is always going to be some rough moments when reflecting back on his life/passing. Trying to dwell on positive things and not what went wrong or what I could have done differently or did or did not do have helped as well. So crazy to think it has almost been 2 months though. This summer is going to have it’s moments I know because we used to go to baseball games and various sporting events and football in the fall. Having my gf to do things with like that has helped immensely as well.

Just want to encourage everyone again to forget the past maladies in your life in that they don’t hold you back, because there are normally always lessons to be learned and things you can apply to upcoming situations. Let God guide you :)