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@graphite412 wrote:

maybe more of us should go live on upstream and every other media site possible :P

that was a lot of people in the chat lol!

Yeah! People love interacting with the DJs… even it it seems like there are only a few people watching, there are a lot more “guests” in the room (on Ustream) then people realize.

Everyone has a facebook, twitter, youtube… so people like stuff in real time. Watching a DJ mix live on a weeknight is a lot more engaging. If everyone of our shows did it once a month or so, that would be phenomenal! Or at least send a tweet from their personal accounts..

The comments on the youtube channel are amazing, one after another people are commenting on how they’ve wanted and waited for something like this for SO LONG! We have it, we just need to bring it to them in all ways possible (for the people that are looking).

If everyone of our DJs got a Facebook Fan Page and a Twitter account (linked up the the Facebook page) and whatever was the status on Facebook would be sent directly to Twitter – as long as it isn’t a link) on Facebook, it would be a great way for people on Facebook and Twitter to see it without hardly any work for the DJs … Some of our DJs still have their episode or DJ name as a “group” on Facebook, making it very hard for people to search or explore easily.

Just some thoughts. I can make this more uniform and clear with details soon.