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@graphite412 wrote:

Are we allowed to download the song?

I can’t give everything away for free! ;)
This will be available from DeepLife Records soon, or you can download it now from my website for .99 and support GODSDJS.com (I’ll be giving the proceeds to this site!)

here’s the direct link to my music store…

Interesting vocals, the woman has a different voice, mellow.

Yes, I’d say that’s a fair assessment… I think she potentially has a great singing voice, but this song actually doesn’t showcase her range, dynamics or ability. In my opinion the vocals are limited by whoever recorded them. I had to filter quite a bit of background noise from the vocals (I distinctly heard a TV going on in the background! She didn’t have the benefit of recording this in a studio, and she couldn’t really sing too loud. I would have loved to have better dynamics from her. LOUDER. She sings pretty quietly in this one. Anyways… I likened her vocals to IIO. Kinda had that mellow, smooth, soulful characteristic.