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I’m still very new to the craft, and it’s a bit frustrating for me to come into it a time when it is so easy to cheat, so i’m wondering, how do i avoid syncing and what not if all I am using is traktor and a mixer? I am getting an external soundcard soon so i’ll be able to use both channels on the mixer finally and I dont really want to stay a bedroom Dj and actually want to improve and be credible.

So I guess what my main question is, do i just use traktor as i would use CD decks? and pretend the sync button isnt there?

On the other hand, I do have a dual deck CD player that i want to get fixed. It’s pretty ancient, but if i can get the left side to work properly, is it worth just practicing with that and my mixer, then switching to the saoftware after i know i wont be dependant on it? it doesn’t even have a bpm readout, so it forces you to beatmatch, although it is quite a bit less versatile.

Thanks for the help!

And to DJFr3akshow, I’m also from Canada. Farther north than toronto unfortunately, but i know there is a group in TO called sound ministry. I dont know a whole lot about the group myself but they do shows once in a while. http://spiritually-minded.com/soundministry/SoundMinistry/Home_.html