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Hey DJ Freakshow, I just found this post.. I overheard you talking to MPH on the chat, I didn’t make the connection that you were from Canada also!.. Also didnt get your facebook message till now (I was busy on that remix!) I’m with Christian DJ ministry in Ottawa called HeatWorshipHouse http://www.heatworshiphouse.com MPH played at one of our events. I know Adam, I used to be a part of SoundMinistry also, we collaborate with him a lot. We should talk more on facebook or something.

Ok everybody, about the Beatmatching thing, I used Tech1200s and Vestax CDJs or a long while, loved spinning two techno vinyls at once.. but Im totally not against auto beatmatching, I use Virtual DJ now. I dont think your should use old technology just to impress other djs when the audience really doesnt care. The worlds top clubs still do care though ;) The problem is that instead of using this new technology to raise the bar and do even MORE amazing sets or do stuff not possible before, it can become an exuse to be lazy, or allow new dj’s to think they have “arrived” when there are many more aspects of DJing they can learn. Another problem with it is everything becomes visual and you loose the skill of listening and making mix descisions based on what you hear, phrasing and counting etc.. because your too busy looking at a wave form to tell you when your drop cue is coming up – btw dropping a track ontop of another one without slowly mixing it in is also something software djs might shy away from also – just some skills that may be lost with the arrival of auto-beatmatching software.

As a producers, the DJ/Producer craze can be a little trying. Myself, I have spent muchos deniro getting real studio gear, real analog synths and learning a lot of stuff, taking night courses in audio stuff.. so the fact that anyone with a laptop and cracked software can be a producer now, it makes me wonder why I bothered. But enough negative thinking, If someone can make AMAZING music with just a laptop, more power to him (but you usually can’t). Im more concerned that the vast amounts of sub-par music (yes even on Beatport) drownds out those with true talent.. this is happening on all levels of the music industry. But you have to be true to your dream and realize that you may have a higher calling than being on a Beatport top100 list for two months, God has bigger plans for Creative christians than that.

Ok, thats my two cents on the discussion.