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The problem is that instead of using this new technology to raise the bar and do even MORE amazing sets or do stuff not possible before, it can become an exuse to be lazy, or allow new dj’s to think they have “arrived” when there are many more aspects of DJing they can learn. Another problem with it is everything becomes visual and you loose the skill of listening and making mix descisions based on what you hear, phrasing and counting etc.. because your too busy looking at a wave form to tell you when your drop cue is coming up – btw dropping a track ontop of another one without slowly mixing it in is also something software djs might shy away from also – just some skills that may be lost with the arrival of auto-beatmatching software.

I really like what you said here, when I first started to DJ I found that I was using a of visual and syncing and that, then I went to a friends house that was using turntables and made me realize that there is an old school of mixing and it made me sell my mini control and I bought turntables and some records and started to learn how to count the beats and the all the old school tricks that DJ’s had to use back in the day and then I bought Tracktor and started to use the mp3′s.. I know there was a 2 month time when I stopped DJing all together and watched video after video on youtube on the tricks and the technical side of DJing.

I have to say when I started DJing mixes again it went along way and I started to add old school and new school things in my sets.

I realize that we are in a age were we can get the computers to do all the work and I think it takes away from the fundamentals of DJing at times. I also hear when a DJ has put more effort into a mix and has put there heart into rather then just mixing to mix something. When I feel like that it is time to stop mixing for me.