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I think being a DJ is a love for the music.. I started raving in the 90′s and got caught up with the drug culture and fell into a hole but always messed around with friends turntables..

I found the lord like 6 years ago and still always loved the music and felt the Lord calling to start mixing music and started to look up ways to do it and realized that you can cheat by beat matching and not counting the out the beats and just mix away… After realizing that, I thought it is time to go to the basics and I think once these guy’s start realizing there is way more to it then just having a beat counter or a beat matcher or hitting a sync button (which I am guilty of hitting once in awhile because of laziness) and if they are truly serous about DJing they will start learning the craft of the old school DJ. I myself love to do cut’s in and out on tracks and I am learning to add loops and other stuff that can make it a lot more technical.

As for producing there is no way any one should start producing until they learn the art of mix and mash tracks together.. I am learning how to use fruity loops but am no way ready to start producing tracks and releasing them, even though my mind is so full of idea’s…

Well that is my 2 cents