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well… honestly… anyone who has a computer and a little bit of money (or not if they go and download a torrent which i dont recommended to anyone…) can be a dj, producer, or both… but what really matters is weather or not they can make legitimate tracks, and can actually dj with skill (IE not using a beat counter, or auto beat matching software) which actually kind of gets on my nerves because there has been a large influx of really crappy EDM recently… but on the other hand ive heard some epic hits recently as well… so regardless of whether u get into producing or dj’ing because “its cool” or if you are genuinely fascinated with the skill, and culture that goes along with it, if you can make a good track… have at it! just dont try to tell me that i did it the same way because that will piss me off… i got into djing when it was actually a skill. Now they have all kinds of programs and utilities that if you let them… turn a dj into a human jukebox. Ive also been producing for about 12 years, and have only been decent at it for about 4. The ones that are doing it because
it’s cool” will stop when they realize that they suck at it, and lose interest. the ones who are genuinely interested in the craft will push through that stage, and become awesome producers, and incredible dj’s