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What sort of band was it? Was it EDM or just a regular worship band? In the end I don’t think God will be displeased because your band didn’t pull things off melodically/musically. What matters is if you worshiped Him in Spirit and in Truth. Think also that God isn’t concerned so much about the number of people that came to your concert but rather that they were impacted for the Kingdom of God. I have been to Christian concerts before with awesome musicians and large numbers of people but have walked away having my soul vexed because of the insincerity that was in the concert.

I’ll be praying for you brother. The verse below has meant a lot to me and I’m still exploring all of the aspects of its meaning. I’ll pray that the Lord gives you songs in the night while you sleep, in visions and dreams, that you would be refreshed by His Glorious Love.

Psalm 42:8 Jehovah will command His loving-kindness by day, and His song shall be with me in the night, a prayer to the God of my life.