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Agreed. Although, I dont not do drugs anymore because its wrong, I dont do drugs anymore because I love God. Its like saying I wouldnt cheat on my wife because its wrong. Well, no, I wouldnt cheat on my wife because I love her.

That’s an interesting quote.

A preacher friend of mine said on this topic (I’m paraphrasing here) that he believes illicit drug use is the world’s/satan’s attempt to mimic and mock the Holy Spirit. (something that many shamanistic and other covertly satanic beliefs do as well).

The scripture may be talking about both – because both may be in fact the same thing. They both have the same reasons, they have the same purposes, employ the same actions and outcomes – maybe illicit drug IS a form of Satan worship. After all, many people worship satan without knowing it other ways.

Maybe illicit drug use is a form of “cheating on God”.

Just a thought.

lol that was actually garys quote…somehow got my name on it (-: