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Money, is the root of evil.

No. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Yes sorceries is translated as drugs in several cases but I don’t think that someone taking ritalin would be what those scriptures allude to although it is an interesting concept about the drug industry. Most of the time in bibical text soceries, witchcraft, divinations, etc. deal with someone seeking control over a situation or individual using means other than the will of the Lord which always leads to truth. The way of Baalam is lies, deceit, and fallacy.

Remember, the nations were “deceived”. that means no one will believe that sorcery is at work when it is, perhaps.

A friend of mine once said that the greatest tragedy in the world is that a man would believe a lie. For if he believes the lie he knows not the truth or is even aware of the snare that has befallen him.

Here is a faithful saying from one of our spiritual fathers of the ancient church:

It is an evil thing not to choose the good from the start, but it is a heavier charge not even to be brought around….Let no one be like this, but though he might be sunk down to an extremity of wickedness, let him not despair of being able to change for the better.” St John Chrysostom O Lord, in every hour of the day reveal Thy will to me, and enable me to do Thy will.

It is by grace that I am in the Lords will and grace do I hunger and thirst for- Josiah Fingaz