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@graphite412 wrote:

it’s actually kind of sad to see guys this young exploited by big wig money makes and the music industry. They also do this to young ladies as well. They take pretty young girls and make them like the innocent girls that lives down the street, but as soon as they hit 18 they exploit their looks for sexual lust, turning them into whores.

Just look at Britney Spears and all the hardship she has gone through spiritually and emotionally. She would have been a lot better off being a nobody, and getting a regular day job. What profit is it to gain the whole world and lose your own soul????!?!?

I agree, record companies in Pop music have been doing this for long time putting young kids into stardom and filling their minds. BTW, I watched the video finally, that you posted DJ, that’s funny. I see you like this guy’s videos as well.