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For video overlay stuff we use Pro Presenter from renewed vision also, link above. I don’t use it, but thats what they AV guys use at our church when we are playing. I’ve checked it out it is pretty awesome what it can do.

yeah, Pro Presenter and Media Shout are both slick. I used Media Shout at our last church and my current we use Pro Presenter, but that is we’re all Mac based.

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The lamest thing is you can’t run the software at all unless the Xponent is plugged in. So if you want to like manage your library or create playlists you can’t do it from say an airplane (unless you had your Xponent..LOL) It does read in iTunes library info and you can access iTunes playlists which is cool, but I hate iTunes so there is that.

didn’t know that about Torq, that is lame. Glad I use Traktor, it will play whether you have a controller connected or not. Just have to set it to internal or external control.

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There are two new controllers out there that look D-O-P-E!

Traktor has a new controller developed by Native Instruments (who make Traktor) it looks legit. Traktor Kontrol S4. Four decks. Total control, built in HQ sound interface.

If you were made of money the hands down sweetest thing on the planet right now is the Xone DX from Allen and Heath:

It is an Itch controller but costs like $1200.


The best thing about using Serrato is that they just developed this thing called the “Bridge.” It will connect Ableton and Serrato. So you can have Ableton running in one of your decks and being CONTROLLED via the deck controls. If that doesn’t make you head explode I don’t know what would. Think about and APC40 controlling Live running on Deck 4 in Itch coming of the XONE DX. Yah like $2k later you would have one mind bending setup.

yeah, Xone stuff is sick, but expensive. I wound up settling on a Ecler NUO4 mixer over a Xone 92. It was like half the price and did lot of the same functions.

The new Traktor S4 looks like just about a Xone DX controller for Traktor. They both have lot of the same features. Just S4 isn’t Allen and Heath.

The “Bridge” software is slick, hoping Ableton will do something with Traktor. I’ve seen more people sync Ableton and Traktor together, just doesn’t have the vinyl control like Bridge offers. I know of a way that you can but uses other vinyl control medium. Might be able to use Max for Live and make a Traktor controller.