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Im actually reading “Desiring God” by John Piper too…and yes its a great read,some great points to be taken from it,I love how John Piper speaks,very encouraging…

I am reading it however in tandem with an essay entitled “A critical examination of John pipers “Christian Hedonism” Bu Manuel Kuhs.

Here are his basic points and criticisms

1 Christian Hedonism is Utilitarianism-Serving God ultimately in order to get something from him,in this case “spiritual pleasure”

2 Its elevation of emotions and feelings leads to charismatic pharisaism,where people judge their own and others spiritual standing by outward emotional expressions and accordingly are tempted to “produce” these feelings

3 A denial of Gratitude as the main motivation for obedience,repacing it with the desire to “meet conditions” for “future grace”.Its “conditional grace” theology is a definate deviation from salvation from by grace alone.

These are his words not mine,theres a whole essay there,but surely its food for thought anyway.I am in no way educated enough to make a sure stand on it.