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Plain and simple

Christian Music is music that has a positive effect on you rather then worldly music. Not necessarily worship music though.

Gospel based Christian music is more worship and praise to God.

I used to listen to both worldly music and Christian music as well as worship but because I can not be double minded and serve two masters I had to choose the worlds music or Christ centered music. And I liked worldly music honestly to sY the least but it didn’t build me up it brought me down. This is choice by individual, but seek God not what I say though this is the conclusion God gave me. I am not your creator I am only a brother and can suggest the way. God directs and reveals it.

Anything negative that messes with you emotions makes you unhappy or angry or anything that doesn’t bring the fruit of the spirit is most likely negatory on listening you

Love you all,

Btw this is a sick awesome website I’ve been look for a year for a group or forum etc like this.

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