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gabber isnt quite a type of music. i’d prefer to class it (early) rave. gabbers is the word for the ravers/hardcore fans so to say. Mostly UK based people call the dutch mainstream hardcore ‘gabber’. if there wos a genre to be called gabber then its the mellow type of early rave like this:


speedcore is a mixture between rock and terror. consist mainly out or sharp guitar riffs, hihats and kicks.. tracks are produced on a range from 200-250 bpm. some tend to go faster but thats just redicules imho. produce speedcore on 666 bpm just becouse they think its cool? nonsence. it wont make your track sound any better. but that aside :)

gabber & speedcore are 2 completly diffrent genre’s, with some styles in between you are able to link em but they have no direct connection.