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Myself and my partner have both come from extremely chaotic background’s and have started to see a revival of the rougher side of urban life around our local church.

This prompted me to pretty much turn our living room in to what most would call a youth club, we had 16-25 ear old guys off the housing estate pretty much coming in and just chillin with the decks set-up, couple mic’s on the go, etc… that went on for about 2/3 months.

Then as these guys started to realise yes we are Christians, but we were also everyday folks too, they started asking us about what we did at church. I personally run the sound desk, and work in our community cafĂ©’s kitchen as the main chef. Soon as they realised I made a phenomenal breakfast sandwich while getting my hands on some seriously high end kit they started coming into church during the week and speaking with people.

After speaking to a lot of them the main thing these guys didn’t like about the churches locally is the music. So we took their tastes on board (luckily I myself am a UK Hardcore and a Makina DJ in clubs) and started throwing idea’s around about what we could do to help them feel more comfortable coming into church.

This then sparked us on a mad hunt for tracks in the genres they enjoyed which could be applied to worship. Turned up there isn’t a lot around for the tastes these guys have.

So we decided, just produce our own, we’re now in the process of not only setting up EDM Worship events, but also workshops in connection with youth groups to get them interested in creative activities like production and song writing.

Some of these guy’s including myself have grown up on the UK rave scene from early childhood, and have picked up the skills too. Most of them can mix, and I’m not sure how many UK guys there are on here but some of the speeds that MC’s especially in the North Eastern parts of England are able to get lyrical content out at is insane (few of these guys have memorised the lords prayer and can get the thing out t a 4×4 beat at 200bpm, sounds cool, but they have of course put a council estate twist to it too, typical rough lads lol), we’ve been working with them to steer them away from their abusive and sometimes quite shocking stuff and focus it onto more wholesome thing’s like sharing life experiences through their lyrics, etc..

My goals and motives in putting this together have 2 faces to them so far.

Primarily to bring people to where they belong, with God, using something which people in the area know and love as a medium, which is working quite well, we have some seriously broken people actually taking on board the message now, even without the event running yet.

Secondly we wanted to provide a more familiar medium for current Christians who love their dance music to worship to, some of us have grown very bored of just standing up from our seats to simply sing. We’re a generation with masses of energy, and we want to get that out, we wanna show Him what we’re capable of doing for him.

“Will I dance for you Jesus?” Damn right i’ll dance for him, i’ll jump around so much when I finally see him that my feet will feel like a hammer on a building site!!!!

Psalm 150 is one of my key tools in my arsenal against those in our church who think that worship is just about singing and being able to play an instrument, were supposed to dance when we praise our God, I say clear out the chairs, and do what our Father wants, bounce around, jump for Him, scream till you go blue in the face that you love Him, and at the same time enjoy it, generations change and music evolves, computers have given us the ability to push things faster than a person can do on instruments such as drums and keyboards. We must use the tools we have at our disposal to connect with God in more and more creative ways, and use this energy we get from him.

I say lets stamp our feet as hard as possible, be Satan’s noisy upstairs neighbour, make some noise for your God is what I tell the kid’s during their groups :D