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@4G-Zuz wrote:

A lot of people say that Xbox have more games….

it does.

@DBNickel wrote:

The PS3 generally has worse quality graphics… although understanding the architecture – it could POTENTIALLY have better – but most programers don’t know how to tap it… and it’s unlikely they will jump through the hoops needed to learn.

The blue-ray is sweet – but why buy a game system just to watch movies… that would be like buying a MP3 player just to play games (I’m looking your direction iPod owners)

My vote goes to the 360… but that probably isn’t a surprise from the MS fanboy. :ugeek:

I think you summed up half the argument. From reading these articles:



and going to M$ and Sony’s site, which btw don’t list specs the same to make a good comparison. By the CPU, Sony is better, but most aren’t able to tap its potential. The PS3 exclusives are the closest. 360′s GPU is better though. Also easier to develop games for 360 as well.

Media center, articles say PS3, but connecting to Windows Media Center is really cool with xbox.

Blu Ray, like DB, playing movies and games on the same system just gonna wear it out faster. I’ve also seen drive failures with PS3′s

Online Community – xbox

backwards compatibility – xbox (PS3 stop supporting PS2 games)

Wifi – PS3 has it, xbox is $50 add-on, but when i’m playing in real time, downloading games and movies, I want a hardwire connection anyway.

read the article links to read more.

Its like a friend said, gameplay! What games do you want to play. I got xbox 360 so I can continue to play Halo series and play my old xbox games as well. So far only PS3 exclusive to attract me is Infamous atm. Plus multi-platforms tend to do better on 360 than PS3.

if you want a game system, blu ray and all out media center and don’t want Halo, get a PS3 then. There are pros and cons to both, read the info and choose yourself.

for me, best thing M$ has done is xbox and Media Center.

I’m not a fanboy despite I own a 360, just trying to look at this subject objectively.