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I daily get a crisis if I see how many people are out there to proclaim yoga something good.

the truth is, there is completely nothing you can add to your salvation.

so every religion, every teacher of something else than christ has different rules or things to do to save yourself.

anything accomplished by the flesh remains flesh.

I yesterday meet a guy proclaiming he loves God and he has found the way to love God in a yoga book. I firstly was going to say to him, hey I change all your materials against bibles, and I was offering him 6 new testaments but he just was responding “I love these fundamentalist, they are so sweet” so I had a very meaningless talk with him because he was so assured in his ways.

My Grandma was talking about an “all nation multicultural yoga” where they also pray the christian “our father” and so on.

if there would be any way to please GOD or get a better connection to him with something accomplished by human being, Jesus died in vain.

And I think the most of us here at the forum know.
Jesus is our Power, Truth and Redeemer.

so let these churches make yoga and if you have chance to easily speak to them with no effort than you can correct them as brothers an christ and they maybe turn away from their wrong ways.

sorry my english seems so bad sometimes.

God bless