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“Christian music” has been the catch phrase to describe music with christian lyrics or music written by a christian for years.

Personally, if it doesn’t have vocals/lyrics to it, music is music, I just call it by the genre it was written in.

Christians writing just music, is cool with me, God uses both instrumentals and vocal arrangements at the same time. I, myself, produce just music.

I would say this, especially in EDM world, music can take on moods or tones so guard yourself when selecting and playing tracks. I’ve ran into some that have sexual undertones or can sound demonic.

“watered down christian lyrics” well if the message they’re conveying is “beating around the bush” on the subject or not being straight forward about their faith, might be a reflection with their own walk. Shouldn’t be ashamed to sing about Christ. I’ve heard stuff like that before and usually throw that in my good music with positive message bin.