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@Josiah Fingaz wrote:

By your definition, you must think that if something isn’t created by a Christian then it must have a demon behind it. This is not so. You have to give some credit to man. We are not a puppet of the devil or of God. We have a choice. In very rare instances, when someone is possessed, they are under control of an evil spirit. But that is the exception and not the rule. To many people give too much credit to the devil and the demons when it’s mostly mankind who succumbs to the evil desires of the flesh which need to be healed by the blood of Jesus and a life of living for Him through communion and discipline.

I’m sure it wasn’t because David went around saying, “The Lord is with me”. It was because of the way he lived his life and the testimony of others. When it comes to writing music most of the population needs lyrics to connect so you are better off writing lyrics. But lyrics are not needed in a song for it to be inspirational towards Christ. Art is interpreted in different ways by different people. EDM mirrors classical music (loosely) in some ways.

Look at these lyrics. viewtopic.php?f=51&p=19930#p19268
Is Mark Knight a Christian? If he is he isn’t putting it out there. Does that matter? What if he released this song and he isn’t a Christian?

All I know is that I’m buying this track and will use it to minister to people when I DJ.

Music may change in the end but it doesn’t consciously sin like us. It is a product of the free will of man. It’s like wine. Some’s just better than others.

Good points.

I didn’t get to see your link, copied and pasted and didn’t work.

But reading your post, it does bring these things to mind. I was in a short seminar called God in society or Glimpses of God or something along that point. There’s going to be people looking for something. Humanity is born with the drive to worship and long for something. We as christians must point them to Christ.