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Ok, I want to make something very clear. I LOVE broken people, just as Jesus did. I was a wretched God hating, drug using person before God met me. If it was not for His mercy and grace I would have never have found Him. So, I was a part of those people you speak of.

I love the broken and poor, they are in need of Christ and have His favor more than anyone else, the orphan and the widow, the poor and the downcast. But they need to know, without a shadow of a doubt, with no undertones or hidden messages, that there is a God that loves them and wants to lift them from their shame and sorrow. Why be ambiguous and hidden with our motives?

Yes, God can use anything to reach people, even wicked demonic nations in which He personally raised up to discipline Israel. But you are a follower of Jesus, you know the difference, so why use something broken to get a veiled distorted point across?

I looked at that song Josiah posted and it is very vague and unclear whom the writer is singing to. There is one verse that says “some times I wannaa lift my hand and say ‘Lord, I don’t care.’ but you got the love” This statement is un aimed and he can be singing about a girl for all I know. So in my opinio, bad example. I am sure it is pretty, but did that man write in out of a place of friendship with Jesus? I can’t tell.

I also love science, yes men are searching, but more often than not they are searching to prove their own agendas, not God. It is only in God’s wisdom that there findings prove God right rather than wrong and disprove that particular man’s theory in one shabang.

Music is much more than what our society has made it out to be. If His Kingdom is to come than we need to look at one of the most important activities in Heaven, MUSIC. This is what we will be doing for eternity, so how shall we bring that to earth if music is “just” music.

Blessings! :D