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This is completely relevent, we need to carve our own path and make a completely unique style different from everything else.

We are in a place where we need to be the light, we are just one point on people’s journey to faith.

this brings out an even bigger question: are we the christian portion of the electronic music, or the electronic portion of christian music?

I feel that we should use a “show don’t tell” method and have christian undertones, but do not just speak christianese. The music should be a pure response of what christ did, and not just some “holy words” thrown together, or have a certain amount of “jesus per minute”.

Yet, if we truely decide to be christian, rather than “christian-like” we need to ensure that the integrity of our message is protected by those who have the gift of decernment.

To paraphrase what I just said:

* The music is a response to God as we serve Him using our own talents.
* We shall not follow after any other artists, we may adopt some of their elements yet Jesus is the one that we follow.
* The content of the music should not indocternate those we wish to serve out on the dancefloor, but instead guide them gently.
* As music has been used in response and teaching throughout history, we should continue this trend.
* If we do decide to use our music for the purposes of teaching, we shall ensure that our theology is accurate and uncompromising.
* There shall not be any events labeled “christian” or “secular”, instead, all events should hold the dual purpose of feeding our flock and bringing lost sheep back into the fold.