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@7sound.org wrote:

Are lyrics necessary to convey the message of Christianity? or can an instrumental only track be considered “Christian”, just because it was made by a Christian??

I would agree with Josiah that music does not need lyrics to worship God or even bring ministry. Yet, in that point alone it displays the power even instrumental music has on people. David was “a man after God’s heart” so of coarse his music especially glorified God, plus he was very talented. So, as we see an evil spirit is driven by David’s playing of music.

Now, we see another picture in Exodus when Moses comes from the mountain. The people of God had created an idol and were worshiping it in music and song, Moses said it sounded like war to his ears. So, music is also used for bad.

What I would like to illustrate here is that, the heart of people determine their music. The people did not obey God and thus created music that sounded like war, it did NOT glorify Him in one bit. But, a man who saught God dillegently, David, brought healing with his music.

@7sound.org wrote:

What about lyrics that are vague enough that they could be interpreted in different ways?

I think lyrics should not be watered down, say what you mean and REALLY mean it. Do not be ashamed of Christ and your love for Him.

@Josiah Fingaz wrote:

And another thought. Can music be saved? Is there a salvation plan for music? No. People get saved, people are Christians. There is music that glorifies the Creator (Secular and CCM). The image of God is in every person for God created everyone that way. Some have experienced healing in Jesus some haven’t. That is why you hear music by people who aren’t a Christian (yet) that still honors God.

Revelation 21:5 Then He who sat on the throne said “Behold, I make ALL things new!”

Yes, there is a redemption plan for music. In fact, God plans to redeem even the entire creation, including the things in which the people in creation create themselves. Men that do not love God show it through action, so we can see through their lifestyles by hating their own bodies through sin, in which we all were doing before Christ. It is no judgment against fallen men, but it is the truth that a man seperated from God is unable to worship Him in Spirit and truth, that is, if the truth is not in him.

The Lord bless you with every spiritual blessing bro’s!