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Music does not have a salvation experience like a person with a soul and spirit. It does not repent, it does not receive baptism, nor any other sacrament.

And no offense but I don’t think that scripture says that at all. It does mean all things will be new meaning a new experience for us. If all things are new that would certainly apply to music as well as people. So if Christian music or Christian people are made new by your definition then what were they in the first place if they were Christian?

I believe this is speaking to a full revelation of God and everything He created. Now that doesn’t mean that music is receiving salvation like you or I do. Music didn’t sin, man did.

There isn’t a boogie man spirit in a song that was made by a person who isn’t a christian. If that is the case then we shouldn’t even speak with unbelievers because every time they speak a boogie man spirit is going to get you. They may or may not be influenced by a demonic spirit but I still have the choice to act the way I do. Listening to them speak isn’t going to put me under the influence of them unless I accept something false. That is why we test the spirits by the Spirit. If I rightly divide the truth then I either see what is true in God or what is false.

Let me put it like this. I have watched a science show on TV about the universe. There are moments when I recognize an “opinion” of a scientist that is contrary to God. But there are also facts that are true and I recognize as God having created them. Now I haven’t been decieved by an evil spirit. I recognize what is true and what isn’t. It is really that simple.