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I’ve been pulling my brains around with this topic for awhile in our church too.

I work with severel broken youths from our housing estate and majority of them are MC’s, but non-christians with very disruptive and often disturbing lives, we’re setting up workshops for music production and song writing for their fast paced and very aggressive style.

But trying to find a way to harness the energy they have is quite difficult, they steer off and end up reverting back to their old lyrics mid way quite alot and we have to reign them back in.

But we have however found one way to make use of the aggressiveness, and thats through testimony, the lyrics I mention arent you standard vocals on a track, im talking 3/4 guys with a mic each doing it live for about 2/3 hours non-stop, on beat, at 190-200bpm.

One of my own that has gone down a storm with even some of our older members at church is one of my own testimony lyrics, dont know if the site sensors will filter a couple words out but i’ll try postig it anyway.

When I was a young lad i was a proper sod,
Because I didnt know Jesus, I didnt know God.
My heart had stopped beating and I started to rob,
Life had a different meaning cause I thought I was God.
But now I’m alot older now I know I was wrong,
Hence why i’m writing lyrics testimony through song,
Used to walk on the darkside used to listen to the con,
Used to take directions from the devil, but now i’m back where I belong.

Strap that to a 4×4 beat and bounce on the kicks and bass with the words and it just blends in,

Very basic since i’m no MC, but I use it as a guideline for them as to what they should aim for when were working on things.

So even though a lyric may not always be praise or worship focused, it can still be Christian focused in my own opinion, all depends on what the usic is used for really. Is it simply fr listening to? Is it to get people involved in the performance? Is it to broadcast the message?