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To God all the honour and glory!

It’s been definitely times of growth in faith and humility through hardship and through love of family and friends, but most of all my God, that brought me this far after my reversion in 2004.

Thank you, 12 Tribes!

No one can no for sure if I’ll be used or not by God, but ever since my reversion back to my faith, I’ve been burning to be used in this electronic music ministry. I keep on asking Him to use me, I keep on saying yes to Him; and I keep on entrusting myself to his Mother, renewing my consecration to her according to St. Maximilian Kolbe’s prayer which sooo powerful.


Jesus keeps on reminding me in prayer to entrust myself to my patron saints and the holy angels … I’ve got back up here below too! http://www.carmelitemonks.org/ ;)

Johan Earthquake … who do you know at Madonna House?!? :) I have a friend who is possibly considering to be an applicant and starting there in June … she at MH for a eight months. A true friend. There awesome holy people there, aren’t they?! :)

The reason why I plugged the consecration here is that I visited Madonna House twelve times in Combermere and has my old pal David from Manchester England told me things were pretty slow at Madonna House until they began to pray the “Total Consecration,” for the whole house, or have some sort of total dedication to Our Lady. Then it exploded. I’ll see if I can put up a post of the party project that I’m putting on, it’s related to that. Probably in the spiritual discussion section because it’s related to that.