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12Tribes! :)

It must have been a great time! … And the worst of times when it comes to the soul. :\
I know when I was going through my era by the time I got out I felt so dirty … but the music is/was so special.

Glad we met!!!! The DJ that I met of any credit, I suppose, is Richie Hawtin in 2002 when he touring with Sven Vath, probably for DE9. I think I was the only junglist in the a techno crowd because there was no one else pulling up his lighter. Sure caught his attention though. I got his signature on a serviette after the party cause I didn’t carry any of his music, though I had a lot of plastikman CDs … so good.

Do you know the Ektoplazm website??


We had a lot of goa/psy trance at FreeTekno, as well as breaks, breakcore-jungle, hardtek. It was fun to party outside with familiar people far more then going to large parties … made it feel more real.

That was then, this is now. :) :)

What sort of edm would like to produce?? Like a synth band? Do you think you’ll ever make revivalist kind, i.e. the music which I listed … what do you think of current edm; don’t really know much of the new styles or their tracks, there’s so much out there that I haven’t listened to …

Do you feel like going into your roots? I’m not sure how much music you kept … I think it’s part of the natural process of conversion to reject (i.e. get rid of) and then heal after the influences are gone, but over the past few years I have over 148 GB of free legal music from websites and you could use it to sample, if you want to. I could send you usbs, no charge … I guess the “Free” spirit is still in me.

I could also show you what’s on my itunes list … I have over 2400 songs (and a major visa charge, huh) … but the reason why I am so generous is because I think someone like you and the kids you’ll be teaching will definitely come up with some stuff that’s really awesome!!! It’s just an offer. But the offers there. I would expect reciprocity in the future, I’d buy just like everyone else! :)

I will have my party concept posted very soon! Probably spiritual discussions … take a gander. :)

God bless you too, bro!

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