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How did you establish yourself to get gigs?

Make your own breaks, don’t wait for that one that will propel you to greatness.. if the Lord wills it it will be so if not you should die saying I did everything, said everything, and tried everything necessary to make it happen, I guess the Lord just had better plans for me….

How do I keep my music dedicated to the Lord in a world that frowns so much on it (especially in this culture)? Be as original as possible there may not be anything new under the sun but no-one has ever experienced it through YOUR eyes..

Thus, I ask you, my fellow producers and DJs, about just how we keep our heads straight and not be consumed by the potential for fame and fortune that tempts us everyday from straying from the true path. How do you handle this?

Blaze your own trail, don’t expect that some non believer or x factor is going to give it all to you.. expect that day you can call yourself a bone-ified you can say look what the Lord and I have created together.

and I’m just a wretched poet painter

you want a gig go here and I’ll give you one but the only pay is the self gratification of know you have done a good work,,


find expectwaves “music waves”