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Very Ambient (space Opera)
Nice Choice Of Instruments overall.

1. “The Strangest Server” has a bit too much low end I think. I would cut the low end just a tad. There is a bit to much rumble. What are you using to monitor your mixes? It might be ok with some speakers but you know how some speakers come with a little extra bass end anyways. I’m on Sanheisers 280pro phones right now for reference.

2.”Street Light Synthesia” sounds a bit muddy, it might need some eq/notch filtering again to much bass in some parts. Make sure your monitoring from speakers that accurately represent the low end, but also check with more bassy speakers.

2. The songs tend to be a little to repetitive. I think there’s a few things that are typically done to alleviate this.
a. more rhythm variety with some more fading in and out of sound effects
b. chord progressions could have a little more variety. Instead of compressing the chords into just a few bars try having a lil bit more extended chord progressions.
c. instead of repeating the melody as often change up the melody so it feels like a new section.

To much reptitions is what you need to work on
some of your mixes its clogged in the frequincies (taser party)
some frequencies are a but rough on the ears watch out form some frequencies that cause ear fatigue.(some low some high some mid)

Still, nice songs.
I hope this helps you.