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Friday, November 8th, 2013
6:13 pm
Woodburne 1947 Plane Talk
A long trip in an airplane is an interesting experience and it is startlingly awe inspiring when clouds have shut out the sun to be lifted up in a few minutes into the warmth and beauty of clear sunshine. Or when looking down from cloudless skies, the river and roads farms field’s and forest blend into one colossal mosaic with varying shades of greens, browns, and yellows; while highways and streams become ribbons of silver and grey. It is as if some gigantic window of stained glass from a celestial cathedral were laid over the face of the earth. And all dirt is dispelled by distance.

Such thrilling delight and comfort while sor-ing aloft is made possible only by a thorough and adjustment to laws of aerodynamics. The mighty surge of power that enables a plane of many tons to “float the air with the greatest of ease “is possible only by rigid adherence to definite fixed principles”

It surely is not an over simplification to say that a similar adherence to known laws in social and spiritual relations of man would supply a resurgent by which to “mount up with wings as an eagle” to loftier levels of life and conduct and character. Obedience to the laws in the spiritual realm of man is the only way to out distance feuds and hates and ugliness of action, and by which man kind can overtake clear-sighted understandings of other men of other faiths and other colors and other standards of living.

We trust our lives to the will and skill of the airline pilot. He is usually hidden from view away out in front guiding the traveler to his destination. So too there is a Great Invisible Pilot away out in front to take the controls and guide us in the spiritual sphere to our journeys end. From a plane st night over a great city, it’s myriad electric lights seem similar to a star-studded sky underneath. So in life’s dark hours the child of God is under-girded with a galaxy of golden texts that glisten and glow and gladded the spirit. Dose all this seem fanciful and fantastic? Well they said that about men flying not long ago.