Substance Abuse Help



Meet The Staff.

My name is Mark Wholihan, and I’m a recovering addict. I am the Director of Substance Abuse and Recovery here at GodsDjs.com. I have struggled with substance abuse pretty much my entire life. My story is a long one so I’ll spare you all of the gruesome details, but starting at a very early age some of the drugs that I struggled with included alcohol, acid, mushrooms, cocaine, weed, heroin, meth, ecstasy, and countless others. Anything that I could get my hands on that would alter my state of being was something that I would willingly try. My drug of choice was “more”. Around the age of 23 was when I decided to turn my life around. A few years previous to that I had a very personal encounter with God, and it was then that I started realizing that my way of life was not the right one. Before that, I had no problem with the way I was living (drugs and alcohol every day, stealing, selling drugs, and more), but once I truly encountered God I began to feel guilty about the choices I was making. By 23, I was so depressed that suicide was not just a passing notion.

On multiple occasions, I drank enough and took enough drugs that I should have never woken up. I always ended up waking up though, every time, and eventually decided to seek help. I ended up going to Oakdale Recovery Center (located in Canton, Michigan) and that is where my journey to recovery began. After a 30-day inpatient intensive program at Oakdale (which the cost was completely covered by government programs) I was finally on my way to being free from all of my addictions. It hasn’t been an easy road, even 5 years later and after becoming an employee at the very rehab that I got clean in, but it is one that I am thankful that I’m on.



How We Can Help. tri

The community here at GodsDjs.com is something that I would have dreamed of having  while I was initially struggling with all of my substance abuse. Having to research and find the proper avenues to overcome your addiction, while you are still addicted, is no easy task. That is one of the many reasons why we offer the information and services that we do here at GodsDjs. Below are some of the many ways in which we can offer substance abuse help:

  1. We offer continual prayer to anyone and everyone!
  2. 24 Hour Hotline, where someone is always available to talk about anything you need dealing with substances (1-888-715-1561 ext. 8)
  3. Information on how to sign up for free inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation programs and drug counseling
  4. Listings of worldwide Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings and events
  5. A forum on GodsDjs.com where you can share your personal stories, or ask advice on dealing with your personal substance abuse issues
  6. Email, instant message, and private messaging is also available along with many other forms of media to contact someone for any form of substance abuse help or advice (SubstanceAbuse@GodsDjs.com)
  7. We are also available for one-on-one discussions at any events we are at, or at a predetermined meeting place locally
  8. We offer free pamphlets at any event that we are present at. See the link below for downloading the pdf version.
    Download Substance Abuse Tri-Fold PDF



Outside Services.

While there are many different substance abuse services available, below we have highlighted some of the ones that we have had positive personal experiences with and fully support.

Life Challengehttp://www.lifechallengesemi.org/

I have personally met several students and employees from this program that have shown great success in their recovery. Life Challenge has spoken at previous GodsDjs.com events, and they are a very welcoming group. This description of their program is directly from the above listed website:

Life Challenge is a one-year residential program for men and women with drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling addictions. Affiliated with Teen Challenge USA, International, our goal is more than rehabilitation—helping men and women get clean and sober. Our purpose is to make fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Consequently, we seek to help men and women turn from their self-destructive ways and put their faith in God. We emphasize Bible study, counseling, and Christian community. Life Challenge has campuses in Detroit and Flint. Both programs offer a highly structured environment providing a unique opportunity for people to separate themselves temporarily from the normal distractions of life and give needed attention to personal spiritual growth.