The Future Sound of Worship 5 : Review

The Future Sound of Worship 5 : Review

      Walking into the door, a smoky haze fills the room highlighting splashes of color being thrown in every direction. Moving through the crowd of people dancing and jumping, the bass hits your body like a wave in the ocean. Glowsticks light up the hands and faces of everyone in the room as they enjoy experiencing the music they love while the DJ throws his hands in the air because we are all sharing this experience together. I’ve been to a few raves and parties in my lifetime, but this one is always different for one reason: God is being praised.

The Future Sound of Worship 5 was held this year in Sterling Heights, Michigan at Grace Christian Church on May 24th. This was my second year attending the event and an especially unique experience because I was invited to play. The lineup of FSOW5 was absolutely top notch and included some of my personal favorite Christian DJs including: myself (J.Hill), Sonar Zone, Transform DJs, Audile, DJ Rodimus, and Madame Ergne. Not only was this a talented lineup, but an international one, as well, with 4 nations represented: USA, Canada, Scotland, and Finland.

jhillI opened up the night with a progressive house set that included a lot of mashups of worship songs. Sonar Zone came and brought some epic trance that had the crowd jumping. Transform DJs have an incredibly engaging and fun electro and progressive house set. Audile’s mix of progressive trance, progressive house, and electro with live vocals was outstanding. Rodimus’euphoric trance always creates an amazing worship atmosphere. Finally, Madame Ergne closed out the night with a hardstyle set that blew the roof off with energy. Over all, it was a musically well-rounded and extremely fun event.

What sets FSOW apart from any other dance music event or party or rave is that it is truly what the name says: the future sound of Worship. Just seeing over 300 people come together to worship God in a new way with a new sound is a beautiful thing. As a Christ Follower, I have been to countless worship services over the years, but there is just something liberating and freeing about using Electronic Dance Music to bring praise to Jesus. I don’t know if it’s just because I personally love EDM so much or because EDM is always related to sin and debauchery, and it feels like we’re taking something back from the enemy. Either way, Christian Electronic Dance Music is a movement and God is getting the glory every step of the way.

Isaiah 12:4-5 says “Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done, and proclaim that his name is exalted. Sing to the Lord, for he has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.” I can see right before my eyes Christian Electronic Dance Music being used more and more to bring praise to God and to make His name famous to a new generation of a lost world. The Future Sound of Worship is an event that God is using to make this come to life and I am so proud to be a part of it.

Check out the full Future Sound of Worship Event Album here!

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  1. Avatar of Rodimus

    Great article man, and great set!

  2. Avatar of David Pratt

    Agreed! You opened beautifully and got us all in a frame of worship! Big love!

  3. Avatar of Jesus Is aka Rik Sotero

    Amen and amen! Your a blessing to the Kingdom and I hope to make it next year to praise God with you whether behind the turn tables or in front of them! Keep up the good work as we pray together for our ministries in the USA and abroad! Jesus is our beat!!!!

  4. Avatar of Mike

    I’m curious to know why skrillex and ferry corsten is play on the radio station. I thought this was a Christian radio station?

    • Avatar of admin

      Hi Mike, our station is not Christian only. It plays clean mainstream as well as Christian EDM. Soon we plan to launch an all Christian stream.

  5. Avatar of LightBridge7

    I finally got my laptop fixed…now I can listen yo!

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