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    Hey Brothers and sisters
    I’ve been busy with life lately, I got married
    started some classes
    played at some outraches
    and been listening to some outstanding music

    I’ve been listening to Mary Anne Hobbs old radio show, the one that used to air on BBC Radio 1
    I’ve been reading about the history of house music and inspired to listen and mix tracks I’ve never thought I would like.
    I’ve been reading the Word, been encouraged to press on, and develop perseverance knowing that Jesus backs me up no matter what. When I choose to honour him, it he sees it, when I choose to acknowledge him in all things he makes the path straight.

    Heres a mix to encourage y’all in your experimental mixing and producing. to push the boundaries of creativity and Gospel-centric expression:


    Intro – Coleco – Hypnagogia (clip)
    01. 3D Remedy – Son of a King
    02. Bar9 – Untitled Symphony
    03. Lecrae vs. Joker – Da King vs. Play doe (Diepsloot Mashup)
    04. The others – Bushido
    05. Lecrae – The Bride
    06. Papa San – For you Lord
    07. Funky – Corazones Puros ++Christian Reggaeton++
    08. Daedeus – Tailor made (Tokimonsta remix)
    09. Nosaj Thing – Caves ++post-hiphop++
    10. Lecrae – Heaven or Hell
    11. Nosaj Thing – Fog
    12. Falling Up – Escalates (Aceramix mix)
    13. Paul White – Hustle (bullion mix)
    14. Pilooski – Can’t Be There
    15. Daft Punk – Recognizer (Tron OST)
    16. Manafest – Glory

    The mix starts with a track by coleco:
    this producer has touched my heart by sampling middle eastern sounds and drums into his dubsteppy-garage-percussion laced work
    it quickly proceeds into dubstep territory and then goes into hip-hop, reggae, reggaeton, post-hiphop (westcoast) and then back again with a spirit saturated track by canadian rapper Manafest.

    Hope you dubaholics and b-boys enjoy this one

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