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    “A Mid-Night Kiss Good Night”

    Time 2 Find a New Way 2 Live,
    Time 2 Find a New Way 2 Give,
    Time 2 Find a New Way 2 Love,
    People Live People Die,
    People Laugh People Cry,
    So tell me now if you even care why…
    Why Do people have to cheat and lie??
    Drugs will Screw You In the Head,
    Drugs will Laugh at you when your Dead,
    Say No to Drugs and Go Back To Bed,
    Pay Attention to what your Parents Have Said,
    Read a Book No-ones Read,
    Stand For a Cause that’s Shiney and New,
    Speak your Mind with a different view,
    Eat your fill of “brown” beef stew,
    Cherish Yesterday,
    Celebrate Today,
    and Dream of Tomorrow,
    I hope you never cry in pity,
    And are Never Filled with Sorrow,
    Follow the Leader and Lead the Follower,
    Call the Fire In-specter and Hang Up on the Caller,
    Never Give up Fighting the Good Fight,
    and with that said I kiss midnight goodnight..
    Much More I could Go on and On about,
    I’d only be multiplying words and I seriously doubt,
    That Much Good would come without much pain,
    And this Lack of understanding,
    Is taking it’s toll on my poor brain,
    So tell me now if you think I’m sane,
    And I’m not wanting to be gay,
    I’m Telling you your strange,
    Can you feel the Love of the Midnight Air,
    The trauma’s over I’m no longer in despair,
    So quit dividing the ranks and turn that junk off,
    98 rock is totally lost,
    and most those radios stations lack leadership at all,
    And Me I’m only 5 and 11 feet tall,
    So Flame on I’m Gone.
    I was right and you were wrong…

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