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    there is more! i know you put 3D Mixing in the title but i am taking about stereophonic sound
    there is also distance not just left and right stereoing and monoing and paning
    i use the Binaural stuff but i dont pan i use the distance only
    and paning is getting lame kind of unless your paning 2 synthes or samples to crate a tone in the middle of your head and doing some silt offsets
    there is a few pieces of software out there but its going to cost you your right eye and a arm and a leg
    but there is some free stuff that i also use
    Binauralizer Simulator
    some of these are ok but you may get ticks of pops when automating if so you may be doing alot of renders and fades in and out
    and also a bit off Crosstalk Cancellation
    KR Reverb FS
    J1000 Alpha
    there is a lot of mid/side stuff out there
    also the doppler effect another cool thing you can do
    you can do this in any daw with a few vst

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