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    Ok guys, i know I’ve mentioned this game before but if you haven’t checked Atlantica Online out yet you need to! (Thanks to DJ Ellipse for finding this)


    its 100% Free to play and in my opinion its better then WOW. (which i played for several years)

    it has better graphics and a better virtual economy and the battling is final fantasy style turn based.

    now here’s the cool part…. you can actually SELL the virtual money (gold) from the game for real world CASH.

    I’m lvl 86 out of a max of 120 and I could sell my gold right now for about $50.00 bucks. However once lvl 120 you can make enough gold in game in about 10 hours of play per month to sell and make $50-75 a month or more!

    this is my plan and i anyone who wants to join i can mentor them and give them lots of gold and gear to start out with to give you an unfair advantage over other players of low levels.

    anyway…check it out!



    make sure to use me as a refferal! i get points (-:

    my account name is just djrodimus :D






    @ecliptik wrote:

    Yeah…I’ll have to see about restarting my account/character, because there were some things I had to edit before I got started.

    The gameplay seems very similar to Mabinogi, other than I need to figure out how to work the chat settings, and battle system.

    I’m djecliptik on xfire, if you ever use that program.

    Ya know, I never asked which server you are on.

    I’m on Argos server…its the best (-:

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    lol dang man i got you bad hahaha your still playin this? dagum! i wish i could play tho :-(



    why cant you??? dont you have a good internet connection yet?

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    science drop

    So I decided to come to the gamers side of the forum, to see if there were any free games that you guys play. I now a computer that could handle some of this, but as in looking at this game, I have realized………… I have no idea. This goes way beyond my level of comprehension. :( Sorry I tried. Got any easy games that I dont have to talk 100 pages of notes to figure out how to play?! I could be a gamer too! maybe.



    oh come on man, its not that hard! did you install it?

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