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    Yah! I’m the gal who posts Bible stuff on here. Hi! :) Please share this with your friends & church.

    We are looking for Christians to help spread the Word of Jesus Christ via Social Networks using God’s unique content we know as the King James Bible. Book in the Bible was established for this sole reason alone.

    Complete details here: http://tld30.com/?BCvpY

    Well, I really like your site allot. Keep the good work. The only thing I can say I would work on is making the site work better with Google Chrome. Then I would say your forum is king!

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    Glad that you introduced yourself now. Just to help you out, I’m thinking that making your first posts on a forum that you join be nothing but quotes from the Bible isn’t the best way to gain credibility with the other members. As you can see from the replies on those threads that you started, you were more or less written off as a spammer. If you truly want to be effective, that’s not the first impression that you want to make with folks.

    Do folks that join you have to use the KJV exclusively or is the NKJV or even, say, the NIV okay?



    welcome jen, and yes in the future please at least give a one line introduction before posting Bible verses. otherwise it kinda makes us wonder if you are a spam bot…(which we get a lot of).

    anyway you’re welcome to post the Word anytime you like here (-: although I’ll have to let you know that we are an “all Bible verison” forum so not everyone is going to be using the KJV but we certainly have nothing against it.

    as to the google chrome thing… i have to be honest i just checked the site stats and out of the nearly 220,000 unique visitors we’ve gotten in the last 1.5 years…about .001% of them used Google Chome… :(

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    science drop

    I use google chrome and it has worked WAY better than IE for me. I love me some Chrome!

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    @science drop wrote:

    I love me some Chrome!

    I love me some alabama chrome

    :P :lol:

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