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    Family in Christ.
    Blessings, I pray this message reach’s you On Fire for The Lord. Recently the Ministry was Blessed with Serato Live 3. Mixing since 2000, heavy into the Midwest Rave Scene, mixing Jungle, D&B, Breaks and House. I purchased a record of back in 2000 that Faith Massive did.

    Heaven — Time Traveling & Essence of Being
    Earth – Shelter (Cedar Remix) & Xplora

    When I started seeking Christ in 2006, other than 1 scratch record , The above record was the only one I kept. I got rid of around 300 records.

    I then purchased 2 copies of every 12″ vinyl that NSoul had and have been mixing the same Electronica for roughly 4 years. As I matured in Christ. I could feel The Lord tugging on my heart to use the gift of Turntablism to spread the Gospel. I have done outreach’s in the last 4 years using Holy Hip Hop and the NSoul Rec’s. Limited with music as I was very careful what was played. Also the ministry did not have SL3 and we know how much of a blessing that technology is.

    After saving the cash, The Minsitry purchased a Powered PA and SL3. We are now able to set up in Church’s, Parking Lots, Parks, Anywhere that will let us and Present the Gospel Through Music. SL3 is a major blessing. God is Good. I have been in prayer for a long time and have found a group of elders in my home Church that are down for the cause. We are setting up meetings with other Church’s in the Des Moines area over the next month and feel God is going to produce a huge harvest. With the right music, equipment, Testimony and then Solid Christian’s to preach the Word of God, We feel there will be a fire lit in the Des Moines Area.

    I started digging into http://www.beatport.com, http://www.tastyfresh.com, http://www.christiandancemusic.net , trying to get solid tunes together. We have a grip of Holy Hip Hop and plenty of Christian Samples, scratches. I have spent hours on the above sites and have had difficulty finding solid Electronica tunes that can be played for Churched & UnChurched.

    Des Moines Iowa has a large underground Rave Scene. My heart goes out to all those hurting, I was there once and would like to be able to present Electronica in a Positive way.

    We are looking into purchasing more Electronica. Jungle, D&B, Breaks, House & Dubstep. Even would look into solid Hard Techno, Progressive House and Trance.

    If you are able. Please help out the ministry. The Heaven & Earth record is almost 10 years old and has been through a lot. Even after cleaning it over and over, the sound has diminshed. If it were possible to purchase the mp3 forms of the 4 tracks.

    Any insight you could give, websites, artists, labels, etc where the Church can buy mp3′s that are solid in the above Genres. We would really appreciate it.

    Des Moines Is Hurting. Please help us to spread The Love Of Christ, using Turntablism as a tool.

    I appreciate you all taking the time to read this.

    In His Grace
    DJ Ryan Goode



    welcome to the forum man. glad to see you made it over!


    Welcome Ryan, there are plenty of good Christian dance music outthere. Check out http://www.christiandancemusic.net/ and http://www.aloftstudios.co.uk/deepreleases.html to start with.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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