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    Thanks to DJ Rodimus I’m here on Godsdjs and I am now aware that there’s others that are also on the forum from Toronto (i.e. other Christians living in Toronto who love electronic music, wow-wee!!!) Thank you DJ Rodimus! :D

    I’m very much looking foward to meeting all of you in Toronto. Please reintroduce yourselves here! :D

    For those who are interested, I’d love to get together to discuss possibly establishing a Christian edm/udm soundsystem. :P

    What’s a soundsystem? Simply put, a group of people hosting parties by finding the site, providing the gear, the performers and promoting it to make the next one better, usually by word of mouth. ;) I did a little bit of this about ten years ago and it was a lot of fun.

    After years of thinking about this I’d like to start one up with any and all who are devoted to God + who thinks a dance from twilight into the morning in the great outdoors would be fun too. :D

    :idea: I’m here proposing to contribute to this venture by introducing the possibility of helping bond people by our mutual love of God’s Creation. By God’s Creation, I mean nature, dance and music, and most especially prayer and fellowship in Christ within this cosmic beauty. :idea:

    There is so much to restore in Christ and we know that electronic music sure is in need of restoration, so many people get hurt and burn out by the experience of living party after party that they don’t have a will to love any more. I believe Godsdjs is such a positive step in the right direction! There is a lot of hope here so let’s share this hope with one another. ;)

    God bless,
    or as I say it, Christos-p.l.u.r.! (haha I’m a geek) :mrgreen:




    sounds good man, hope you’re able to get this in the works.

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    I have the song of the Man of La Mancha in my heart for youth seeking peace, Love and unity through the spiritualism of dance and electronic music for all these years … no one seemed to get it. :)


    And I have some good news! I am much less than arms length with the owner of a rather large concert-dance hall in Toronto. We know each other from the Missionaries of Charity’s soup kitchen where we used to serve together. He has his own not for profit organization called Serving Charity.


    I brought to his attention to have an event for the poor and we’re planning on doing something special in December just in time for Christmas. He’s going to start discussions with me in July, so if there’s any one out there who wants to be a part of this event with and for the poor, I’d be happy to hear from you. All those in Toronto or GTA, please consider this call an invitation to grow in love of God and love neighbour by your love of edm and dance! :D This would be a good way to get to know each other and learn the ropes of performance and teamwork. :D

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    Hey How r u?

    Im excited to here more Christian people in Toronto are into EDM!

    What part do you live? I am by High park, lets connect soon I would like to see what kinda vision God has given you.

    I Put on Christian parties and Dj led worship events.


    I have one July 10th a Loft party we should connect before then

    Hit me back with my email or phone



    Adam V

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    Avegas, here’s your response.


    God bless you, bro!

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