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    Ok guys in an effort to drive more traffic to the site I have devised the following plan.

    Stage 1: Create Banner Ad System

    Setup a banner ad system that will randomly load a banner right above the chat window. This will be open to Godsdjs.com members only for a $5.00 a month charge. This can point to any site you wish to promote including your myspace page. There is not contract so if you decide you don’t want to do it anymore just tell me.

    Currently the site has pulled about 5,000 + visitors in 40 days and thats averaging about 125 different visitors a day.

    Stage 2: Google Ad Words

    After we get about 10 people to sign up for the banner system I will open an account with Google Ad words for a $50.00 a month package. This package will generate us about 200 – 500 more hits a day. Giving us a monthly average of about 10,000 – 15,000 visitors. At this point I will start to charge $19.99 a month for ad space (for new ads old ads will always stay 5.00 a month). With the new money recieved I will bump our Google Ads words account up to $100, $200, $500 a month. This will drastically increase our traffic.

    Stage 3: Public Commerical Ad Companies

    Once we are pulling 5,000 – 10,000 visitors a week we should be able to contact companies like Pioneer, Stanton, Vestex, M-Audio, Ableton, etc and show them our traffic records and tell them that we pull 50,000 + visitors a month and thats when the big $$$ start coming in.

    Stage 4: Event Production / Record Label

    Once the Godsdjs.com account is fat enough its time for us to start putting together medium to large scale events. Need I say more?

    Also, I would like to be able to finance the production and distrobution of our material once we get up to par with mainstream music. This could also be a cash driving engie.

    Timeline: Estimated Timeline Prjoection

    1 – 3 years… but really its all in God’s hands isn’t it?

    So… what do you guys think?



    I’m also considering doing a trial with linkshare so you may see a banner system form them sometime too… fyi…

    anyway please share your thoughts on this guys

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    i think i’m going for it



    ok guys i got signed up with Linkshare and Commision junction and now you will see banner ads at the bottom for computer sites, music sites, and gaming sites… pleas please please if you see something you like click the banner and then go though and place order or sign up or whatever… we get big kick backs!

    even on the free gamefly trial we get $$$

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    sounds like a great plan!

    im diggin how you put the banner it without it looking nasty :D

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    nice job as usual man

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    good job man, sounds like a plan.

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    science drop

    WOW, Your vision is becoming clearer and clearer. Thank you again Nate! I love it!!!

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    Josiah Fingaz

    No problem here. Money answers a thing!

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    Josiah Fingaz

    I like the flying monkey ad. It makes me want to get one!

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