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    Ok guys I need a list of some great trance production. I’m thinking about writing a paper on Trance music for my electronic music class so I need a list of trance tracks that has the best production around. If the paper topic is a go, I plan on picking these tracks apart and analyzing them. I’ve already started on John O’Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar- Never Fade Away
    (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix). I’m only a minute through the song just listening for the instrumental elements. I would like to analyze the rhythms, melody, timbres, and production techniques used in these songs. This would also help us all learn how to make better tracks by being able to emulate the artists styles.



    you want producers names or track names?

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    track names

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    Lost tribe – Game Master(signum edit)
    Bedrock – Heaven Scent
    Paul Van Dyk – Like an Angel
    Matt Darey – Binary Finary
    Ferry Corsten – Exhale
    Armin Van Buuren – Sound of goodbye (perpetuous dreamer remix)

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    science drop

    Wow Shelb, you think maybe he meant current? Your going back to the mid 90′s on some of those.

    Best trance song ever is Lost Tribe – Gamemaster though!!!!

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    “Bling Bling”—Sander Van Doorn
    “The Space We Are”—john O’callaghan
    “Advanced”—Marcel Woods
    “Beautiful”—Matt Darey
    “O”—DJ Scot project

    Please be aware I haven’t really listened to any trance since like 2006-2007. If you were looking for Prog House or Breaks, i could set ya up.

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    im jsut tellin ya the best trance tracks ever… there have been no equals since…

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    Ya current would be the best. Thanks guys.


    You may laugh at me for this one, but honestly…

    Umbrella Beach – Owl City.

    He has everything down… Wind Noises, good kick drum, amazing vocals, sweet chorus. Idk, Owl City is indeed different, but this song is straight up Trance, and it’s amazing.

    If you want something else to look at, then look at:

    Faces – Ashley Wallbridge and Andy Moor.

    Seriously… SO MUCH went into that track. You can just tell if you make Trance.

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    I just copied and pasted some of my fav’s from my collection. Further you go down the list, older the track gets.


    Oceanblue (Haris C Remix) – Jason van Wyk & Vast Vision
    Lost (Aly & Fila Remix) – Sunlounger Feat. Zara
    All The way (ft Aruna) (Paul Miller Remix) – Ronski Speed
    Sirens Of The Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix) – Oceanlab
    Stars (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) – Andy Hunter
    Waiting Here For You – The Thrillseekers feat. Aruna
    Lift – Sean Tyas
    Magnitude – Johan Gielen
    Junk (Flashover Remix) – Ferry Corsten
    Tamarindo – DJ Light
    Speed Of Light (Geoffrey Whiteman Remix) – Bas & Ram
    Deep Calls To Deep – Waves Of Living Water
    Airwave – Rank 1
    Satellite – (Above & Beyond Progressive Mix) – Oceanlab


    Turn It Around (Sandler Vocal Remix) – 4 Strings
    Diving (Cosmic Gate Dub Mix) – 4 Strings
    Diving (Hiver & Hammer’s Different Gear Remix) – 4 Strings
    Inner Workings – Silexz
    As the Rush Comes (AVB Universal Religion Remix) – Motorcycle
    Love Comes Again – BT & Tiesto
    It’s Time – Ferry Corsten
    Let The Light Shine In – Darren Tate Vs Jono Grant
    Somnambulist (Sander Kleinenberg’s Convertible Mix) – BT
    The Sound Of Goodbye (AVB Rising Star Mix) – Perpetuous Dreamer
    Can’t Live A Day (DJ Tiesto Mix) – Avalon
    Silence (DJ Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix)
    Dreaming – BT
    Mercury (Arizona Remix) – John O’Calaghan
    Shivers (Rising Star Mix) – Armin van Buuren

    My take on good trance is that it has good melodies driving it. It can also be like D&B and let the kick, bassline drive it with good backup strings/pads/melodies like in the track “Waiting Here For You.”

    Good structure is good kick/perc combo that uses solid kick and nice snare sounds. The melodic part having good pads or strings that are not overpowering and supportive. Then good lead with good supporting harmonies or motifs that develop the song further from beginning to end.

    Perc – Kick is 4/4, good snares, hi hats
    Bassline – easiest is just play the bass on the off beat from the kick. Step up is two notes on the off beat and beyond that basslines are melodic, not interfere with the kick, sometimes in a every other beat fashion with other perplexities. All depends on what you want.

    Melodies – can be simple, can be complex. Depends on what key

    Layering is key for a rich sound. Good use of reverb and delay are usually used but never overpowering. Other modulation effects as well.

    Just depends on the style written where these factors change.

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    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good album, preferably one that can be downloaded from amazon, that is great quality and clean and morally appropriate?

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    Just wondering is John O’Callaghan’s stuff usually clean?


    Immediately buy “A State of Trance 2008″ or “A State of Trance 2009.”

    They are both incredible and will suit your project well.

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    science drop

    Here are some newer tracks you can look at.

    George Acosta feat Tiff Lacey – I Know (Original Mix) (Dennis Shephard Mix is good too)

    Mike Shiver & Aruna – Everywhere You Are (I like the Timo Juuti Mix)

    John O’Callaghan – Striker (Ummet Ozcan Mix)

    Dash Berlin – Never Cry Again (Dash Berlin 4 Am Remix)

    Arctic Moon – Afterworld (Dimension Remix)

    Roger Shah Signum – Healesville Sanctuary (Roger Shah Mix)

    Otherwise popular artists who are releasing good music now are Sean Tyas (supposedly a christian) Chicane, Comic Gate, John O Callaghan, Armin, also good vocalists to check out are Aruna, JES, Sarah Howells (does a lot with John O)

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    Digital Aura

    Chicane, Comic Gate, John O Callaghan, Armin,

    oohh… yeah! Love me some COMIC gate! They’re hilarious in concert! :lol:

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