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    Desa Systems – Origin of Us

    Desa Systems emerges from the depths of space, from beyond the dark matter limits, with its debut album offering, Origin of Us. With a mixture of ambient, experimental and down-tempo break textures, the album takes you on a journey through a chaotic universe of infinite potential, before anything began. Composed mainly of found sounds, resampling of natural sounds, granulation, custom programming and synthesis, Origin of Us is the beginning, the initial explosion, the chaos in all things that transforms into a strange and beautiful kind of order and natural symmetry. With a host of fresh, unorthodox production and editing techniques, Desa Systems takes you away into a different world and gives you a fleeting glimpse of its origin, inspired by chaos, mathematics, love and the invisible tethers that connect us all.The Australien understands it in a very unique way, how to create emotions through sounds and complex harmonies, which unfold with each new listening to the album in stunning, exhilarating intensity – an electronic ‘Twilight of the Gods’…

    Hey, this is Mat from CandyRush-Music, I want to say

    Thank You !!!

    to all who kindly supported our label in the last 2 years.
    Our little present; a big FREE download in the directions



    Hi Matt, please be aware that we do not take kindly to forum spam here. I’ve removed the link to your album. Please interact with the community and make some posts before asking our members to buy your music. Also, I do want to point out that we do not support “new age” music here at all. This is a Christian EDM forum and while EVERYONE is welcome regardless of your beliefs not EVERY form of EDM is welcome if it contains messages or themes contrary to what we believe as a community.

    That being said if you are infact coming here to interact…welcome aboard. :D

    If you’re simply trying to generate sales for your music then please look elsewhere.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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