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    ok folks… i am a former iphone fanboy, that has become very frustrated with the phone… im looking to get a phone with android 2.2 opgradeable to 3.0 eventually. please list your experiences with your provider, and if you have good or nad experiences to heklp me decide if i want to stay with at&t or go to another provider… personally… i switched to at&t originally because 3 years ago verizon jerked me and my wife around pretty viciously and we got very pissed, and decided to get iphones… ive always wanted my iphone to do what these droid phones are providing… so please please.. let me know whatcha think :-)

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    what features an android phone do that iphone can’t that you speak of?

    personal experience, we were with T-Mobile and just had a basic phone and moved to Verizon and got Droid X phones and a basic for mom. Now right now, Verizon has our bill in a mess, but that is more the person at the desk’s fault than the company. Other than that, I’m with pleased with the phone and the service/signal I get with them. i’m hoping to start making apps for android once I learn how though, lol.



    i should delete this post as it borders blasphemy… :evil:

    if God had to use a phone…it would be an Iphone 4.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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